Quit wearing busy as a badge of honor.

It's time to turn your burnout into brilliance, love your body from the inside out, and get back building a business or career you LOVE.

For the professional, entrepreneurial woman who dreams of...

- Using her gifts to change the world

– Loving her body and being comfortable in her own skin

– Living a life of unapologetic balance

I see you​, girl!

You’re on a mission to find purpose and crush your goals, but you’re constantly battling feelings of overwhelm.

You’re stressed, burnt out, and fall prey to emotional eating and self-destructive habits.

You want to finally break free from the habits that keep you trapped in this cycle, so you look for quick fixes to get you back to health– even if it’s temporary.

Short-term cures all seem to be dead ends.

But how awesome would it be to finally commit to something that won’t let you down?

When you’re healthy, you’re happier and less stressed out.  

A calmer, stress-free life means you’ll be far more productive, have better relationships, a ton of energy… can you see where this is going?


It’s easy to mistakenly think this means you should push yourself harder, until you have nothing left to give.

Instead, imagine making self-care a priority.

Imagine taking steps to reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

Imagine nourishing your body, naturally, all day.

Imagine allowing yourself to feel peaceful and calm.

Imagine finally getting a handle on your exercise habits and nutrition.

What if I told you it was possible to:

Feel GOOD about your body every day.

Conquer stress and never experience burnout again.

Have deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Be consistent with your self-care.

Experience a mindset transformation that will allow you to take complete control over your food and the rest of your life.

Does all of this sound out of reach, and frankly a bit unachieveable? 

Believe me, I used to be right there with you.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself! 

I'm Mikayla, health coach, marketer, and hummus aficionada 

I teach world-changing women how to quit wearing busy as a badge of honor and get to the root of their health issues so they can finally thrive– not just survive.

It’s great to have goals to tackle in your life. It’s what gets you motivated to make a change.

But so many women get completely overwhelmed when they realize it’s not enough to just want to lose weight, do better in their jobs, skyrocket their businesses or improve their relationships.

Every habit you form affects your health, which is why I offer a complete, integrated approach to well-being.


For three months, we dive deep into each area of your life, figuring out the root causes of what's holding you back from living a healthy, balanced life.

In our time together, we will tackle:

Your relationship to food – the emotional connection, and how to enjoy delicious, healthy meals 

Emotional health – how your emotions can override everything, how to express them in healthy ways

Physical health – what you’re doing right, where you can improve

Cravings – where they come from, how to control and even prevent them

Career – how to find work-life balance, pursuing the life you want

Relationships – growing the good ones, ditching the toxic ones

…and so much more

After working together, you will:

- Consistently align your actions with your priorities. 

-  Get better and higher quality sleep

- Eat mindfully, not emotionally

- Stop measuring your worth by a number on the scale

- Be more present in your relationships

- Be more efficient in your job or business (cha-ching!!)

- Stop beating yourself up all the time for "not working hard enough" 

I loved the sessions with Mikayla! Before working with her, I was struggling with food and emotional eating because I didn’t having balance in my personal and professional life. She helped me get to the root of the problem and make small changes in my life that helped to control those destructive habits. She also worked with me to put a new plan in place to set and obtain achievable goals, get more exercise into my routine, and also to create a plan for handling possible failure well. Since working with her I have been able to work on my diet and exercise plan as well as getting a new job!  

Kimba Azore

Library and Information Science Specialist 

Although I had some of the practical knowledge about how to be healthy, I couldn't consistently put it into practice. Mikayla helped me identify some of the barriers keeping me from achieving my goals. She helped me see the unhealthy patterns of behavior that had defined my life for so long, and gently led me address those root issues.

I lost 7lbs within 30 days without obsessing over every single calorie or killing myself with overexercising. Instead, I was committed to staying balanced and taking it one step at a time.

I now feel stronger. I now feel like I have the tools to reach my goals and persevere through the inevitable setbacks associated with becoming healthy and whole.

Sarah R.

Virtual Administrator and HR Professional 

Meet my holistic approach to health coaching :

Roadmapping - You'll develop a solid vision for where you want to be in 30, 60, 90 days and beyond.

Life Balance - You'll learn my best strategies to take control of your schedule and manage your time and priorities like a pro.

Fitness - We’ll find your “workout soulmate” , create a customized fitness plan and start incorporating it into your life seamlessly so you can stay strong, fit, and toned.  

Your Relationship With Food - You'll learn to listen to your body, fill in any nutritional gaps, eat for optimum energy and eat mindfully instead of emotionally. 

Self-Care - Incorporate regular self-care activities so that you are giving the best of you instead of the rest of you.

Mindset Mastery - We'll identify and tackle limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals and you'll learn how to stay resilient and persistent when times get hard.

Banishing Burnout - You'll finally stop overextending yourself and learn how to reverse burnout if you’re already there.

Spiritual Health- You'll develop a cornerstone spiritual practice for total wellness for mind, body and spirit.

Transformation Reflection & The Long Haul - We'll celebrate your wins, reflect on your transformation and set you up for long-term success. 

By now I'm sure you're thinking..."sounds amazing!! ...but, how much?"

Here's what you get:

  • 1 x 90 minute intensive foundations 1:1 call
  • 6 x 60-minute bi-weekly 1:1 calls
  • Notes and action steps for each session
  • Unlimited Email/Voxer/What'sApp support for accountability, check-ins and guidance


  •  FREE 30-minute strategy session with me to work out your goals, needs, and areas that need focus.
  • Lifetime access to my signature course, Overwhelmed to In Control 

Your Investment:

3 payments of



Pay in full 


I loved my coaching with Mikayla. I was struggling with my emotional eating habits, and she helped me create an action plan for when I do feel tempted to eat in order to reduce emotional pain.

She really knows how to get down to the root cause of your emotional eating. She's also very supportive by making herself available for you throughout the coaching process. She's encouraging and makes sure you're on track toward your goals. She truly cares about you and is highly invested in your progress and success. 


Ingrid Ortiz

Self-love and Empowerment Coach

Mikayla is a sweet and lovely person who can definitely help anyone feel more secure about their health goals. If you are looking for a way to start eating healthier without compromising too much right from the beginning, she definitely is the one who has the solution for you. Mikayla immediately came up with a short and simple adjustment to live a healthier life. I am truly glad to have booked an appointment, and I am looking forward to the next!

Nina Laiberg

Web assistant and developer

I wasn't always doing what I needed to for my stress and parasympathetic system. You empowered me to find a better way of thinking about what I need to do...because I CHOOSE it. SO smart, so funny, such good insight and leverage. :D Our brains are a lot alike and that makes working with you a real pleasure.

Zee Martin

Health Coach and Coach Mentor

It was lovely being able to have the opportunity to be coached by Mikayla! I took to heart the insights she shared in our talk, and now I know a little bit more about what is needed in order to get on the right track in achieving my wellness goals! Mikayla makes it very easy to open up and share what is going on, and for that, I was most grateful! Thank you once again! I was blessed :)

Alexandra Yeboah

Diversity Issues Writer & Mental Health Advocate 

Now's the time to decide for yourself.


Are you going to commit to this journey (and reap the rewards) or get stuck in the same cycle of burnout → eat (or starve) your feelings → self-loathe → repeat?

Click the button and let's do this!

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