18 Lessons on Work-Life Balance for Women Who Do Too Much

work life balance

For a busy young woman juggling multiple commitments (e.g. a family, full-time job, community involvement etc…), it can often feel like you’ve been thrown in the ocean with a lead weight around your ankle. When you’re in over your head, try to find a consistent way to balance and refocus your thoughts. One great way to do this is to actively seek advice and counsel from those who understand the endless struggle of busy.

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Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much is a small quasi-devotional book that has boosted my courage and inner strength during my busy seasons. Below are 18 of my favourite nuggets of wisdom that will help you stay sane and still make a huge impact wherever you go:

1) The choices you make about what you do with your time are your choices (even when they don’t appear to be!).

2) Let yourself notice how many times you use work as an excuse for inhuman behaviour.

3) Crisis and illusion of control are not unrelated. Be open to noticing the relationship between the two in your life today.

4) Today is awareness day for what you have accomplished. Celebrations may be in order.

5) It is never too late to re-examine our choices. Re-examination is wise. We always have choices.

6) When you quit “iffing”, you may just start living.

7) All of us are afraid sometimes, that’s human. When our life is ruled by fear, that’s addiction.

8) Check to see if you can and want to fulfill a promise before you make it. It is good for you and good for others.

9) When you ignore and suppress your feelings, they come to in frightening, sometimes destructive ways. Learn to honour them…whatever they are.

10) None of us can avoid failure. We can avoid battering ourselves in the process.

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11) Being projectless and being worthless are not synonymous.

12) If you focus on success, you will probably forget about living. If you focus on living and doing what you love, you have a good chance of being successful.

13) Awareness is the key. When you know what you are doing, you have the option to change.

14) You are a process. Life is a process. Alterations are part of the process.

Work Life Balance professional woman

15) It’s all right to have successes. It’s even all right to be successful.

16) You owe it to yourself and those around you to take vacations.

17)No-one else will arrange quiet time for you. You need to see to it yourself.

18) Turning a situation over to God is not easy under stress, although that is probably when you most need to do so.

What’s your go-to mantra when you’re overwhelmed? Share with us in the comments below!

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