4 Amazing HIIT Workout Apps for Fitness On-the-Go


I’m a huge fan of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with this type of training, a HIIT is a workout that’s relatively short in duration (think 15-20 minutes on average) and is made up of short periods of intense work (about 80-95% of your max heart rate) followed a brief rest period.


I love doing HIIT workouts because they burn more calories in a fraction of the time all while pushing you to your limit physically and mentally. This extreme efficiency is very attractive in a workout program when your schedule is already hectic.

Plus, if you’re anything like me, a workout isn’t a workout unless it feels like your muscles and lungs are about to explode :D. Suffice it to say, HIIT is definitely not for everyone, but if you love a solid burn that’s over before you know it, check out my top picks for on-the-go HIIT fitness.

1) 12 minute Athlete (iOS & Android)
Cost: $2.99


This app is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and (literally) shake up their regular workout routine. The app allows you to choose the equipment you want to work with (or lack thereof) and then you just shake your phone to load your workout. The 12 minute workouts consist of 3 rounds of 6 exercises done for 30 seconds each with 10 second breaks in between. Once you’ve mastered the 12 minutes, you can step it up a notch and try for 16. Although this is a paid app, at only $2.99 it’s worth every penny.

2) Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout
Cost: Free

7-Minworkout johnson and johnson HIIT workout app7minworkoutjumping

New to HIIT workouts? The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout app is good intro to the HIIT structure and provides beginner, moderate and advanced versions of the workouts so that you can ease your way in. This app also lets you build custom workouts based on your favourite exercises (just incase you want to skip the burpees ;)).

3) My Tabata Timer
Cost: Free

TabataTimerApp Best HIIT Workout On the Go Apps Fitness

My Tabata Timer is a great FREE alternative to a traditional interval timer watch which start at an average of $50. This app doesn’t provide any exercises, but simply allows you to set up the number of rounds you’d like to do and the length of your work/break period. If you’re more of a self-starter who likes to craft their own workout, this simple app is perfect!

4) WODster*
Cost: Free

wodster wodster-1-1-s-307x512

This one’s for all the cross-fit aficionados out there! If you can’t make it to a “box” (fancy cross-fit slang for a gym) for your WOD (fancy cross-fit acronym for Workout of the Day), this app will get you your AMRAP fix in the comfort of your own living room. Although many cross-fit workouts require some sort of weight or equipment, there are lots of options in this app for bodyweight only. Get creative and mix and match your favourites!

*WODster is available only for android– try PocketWOD for an iOS alternative!


A fit lifestyle is so achievable with all the technology you have at your disposal. Whether you’re travelling or only have 15 minutes to squeeze in a few quick exercises, you CAN get a quality workout in and stay active every day!

Do you have a go-to workout app? Share with us in the comments below!

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