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– Using her gifts to change the world

– Loving her body and being comfortable in her own skin

– Living a life of unapologetic balance

You’re on a mission to find purpose and crush your goals, but you’re constantly battling feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

You’re stressed, burnt out, and fall prey to emotional eating and self-destructive habits.

You want to finally break free from the habits that keep you trapped in this cycle, so you look for quick fixes to get you back to health– even if it’s temporary.




Anything that promises to have the magic ingredient.

You’ve gone to doctors to treat your anxiety, depression, insomnia and lack of energy…and end up frustrated when none of them have any long-term solutions.

You’ve tried over and over to stick to exercise programs and nutrition plans that promise to shed the pounds and help you feel healthy and vibrant, but the pounds never stay off for long.

You’ve tried for years to do this on your own, but can’t seem to stay on track.

You’re at the end of your rope and ready for someone to keep you accountable..

If you’re reading this and thinking, “How does she know!?”

You’re in the right place, and I’m here to help.

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Short-term cures all seem to be dead ends.

How awesome would it be to finally commit to something that won’t let you down?

When you’re healthy, you’re happier and less stressed out.  

A calmer, stress-free life means you’ll be far more productive, have better relationships, a ton of energy… can you see where this is going?


It’s easy to mistakenly think this means you should push yourself harder, until you have nothing left to give.

Instead, imagine putting self-care as a priority.

Imagine taking steps to reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

Imagine nourishing your body, naturally, all day.

Imagine allowing yourself to feel peaceful and calm.

Imagine finally getting a handle on your exercise habits and nutrition.

What if I told you it was possible to:

– Feel GOOD about your body every day

– Conquer stress and never experience burnout again

– Have deeper and more meaningful relationships

– Be consistent with your self-care

– Experience a mindset transformation that will allow you to take complete control over your food and the rest of your life

Would that be worth putting in the effort to take care of yourself?

The Gift of Wellness

It’s great to have a goal to tackle in your life. It’s what gets you motivated to make a change. But so many people get completely overwhelmed when they realize it’s not enough to just want to lose weight, do better in their jobs, or improve their relationships.

Every habit you form affects your health, which is why I offer a complete, integrated approach to well-being. In our time together, we will take on all areas of your life, like:

Your relationship to food – the emotional connection, and how to enjoy delicious, healthy meals 

Emotional health – how your emotions can override everything, how to express them in healthy ways

Physical health – what you’re doing right, where you can improve

Cravings – where they come from, how to control and even prevent them

Career – how to find work-life balance, pursuing the life you want

Relationships – growing the good ones, ditching the toxic ones

…and so much more

When you sign up for The Whole Balance program, you get a FREE 30-minute strategy session with me to work out your goals, needs, and areas that need focus.

From there, you get 12 weekly 60-minute sessions, including informative handouts, email and text support, access to programs and recipes, and plans to make you healthier, naturally.

If you are ready to:

– Pursue health and wellness the natural way

– Wake every morning feeling refreshed and renewed

– Take back control of your health and well-being

– Eat delicious, nourishing, healthy foods and follow my proven methods for overall health

– Make a change for the better, in every aspect of your life

– Make real, positive, long-term changes, instead of chasing quick fixes

– Fill your body, mind, and soul with energy and joy that lasts all day

– Finally see LASTING transformation..

Take the first step and book your free 30- minute strategy session today.

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